Digital Audits & Action Plans

Looking to evaluate your Digital Footprint?

Do you want to set benchmarks and an action plan to improve how your business is found online?

  • Document your current visibility online
  • Document your competitors social media activities
  • Identify best practices that are and are not being applied
  • Establish benchmark metrics
  • Devise an action plan
  • Chart a path forward with clarity and direction

What is included Digital Footprint Audit

Through our process of social media mining we gather data of the social media activities of your selected peer group. With some data analysis we are able to provide you insights on

  • Which social media channels are actively used
  • Average post per week on a channel
  • Average engagement per posts
  • Phrases and wording being used in social media

This audit looks to inventory and document the different businesses profiles, content posted and the engagement of these post garners.

Website SEO Audit

You have a website, but you have no idea how it is contributing to your business.

Do you find yourself asking these questions:
1. Can people find it when they are looking online?
2. Is your website still search engine optimized?
3. How does your website online visibility compare to your competitors?

This audit provides an assessment of your website identifying

  • Compliance with basic SEO best practices of the HTML code and on-page content
  • Document current ranking and visibility of your website
  • Document account access and setup of Google accounts (Analytics, AdWords, Search Console)

A list of actionable recommendations to help improve identified items is part of the final report.

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