Digital Marketing Workshops

Social Media Strategy Development

The role of social media and how businesses communicate through these mediums is constantly evolving.

How is your business keeping up and staying relevant with your audience?  Our workshops are tailored according to the makeup and skill set of your team. We aim to empower your team with specific knowledge that can be applied immediately.

  • Learn to improve your business digital visibility
  • Invest in your team’s knowledge of digital marketing
  • Empower your team with best practices
  • Take away templates for processes and reporting

Do you find yourself asking these questions:

1. How do social media channels allow us to connect with our audience?
2. Which social media channels should my business being using?
3. What goals should we be setting so our social media activities help grow our business?
4. Have we defined an editorial calendar to plan out our content and when it will be published?

We take your team through a process that will allow you to measure the impact of your social media by documenting goals and metrics to determine success. We work with you to

  • Develop a social media plan
  • Develop an editorial calendar that defines the purpose of the content you are publishing
  • Report on your metrics to measure the impact of your social media activities.
  • Provide your team with tools and templates that they can use right away.

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SEO, Search Engines and Websites

Are you working to build awareness for your business online and keep asking yourself:

1. What is SEO?
2. How do search engines work?
3. What can my team do to impact how our business and its website are found and presented online?

Educate your team on the current best practices on search engines, website structure, internal/external interlinking and content development. Learn about tools and processes that will enable your team to evaluate and improve your business’ online visibility.

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